Top 10 Tips for Care Partners

Below we've curated helpful tips from others, who have been in your shoes!

What would you add to these tips?

Put your own oxygen mask
on before assisting others!
You can’t be a good care
partner if you don’t take care
of yourself.
Stay in contact with
friends and family.
Social isolation can
lead to emotional
Some people are private
while others will openly
discuss their cancer. Respect
a loved one’s privacy and
desire to share info about
their condition.
Assemble a caregiving team
to divide and conquer tasks.
Connect with people that can
support you with both
cancer and non-cancer talk.
Help a loved one
maintain a sense of
normalcy and stay
connected to the
world beyond cancer.
Don’t lose sight of your
own identity and
interests. Figure out a
way to do one thing daily
that makes you happy.
Respect your loved
one’s choices. You may
not always agree with
decisions and options
Find a creative outlet and
create new experiences
for you and your loved
one. Self-expression can
be healing.
Practice the art of listening.
Encourage your loved one
to share their feelings, but
also respect their wishes to
sometimes be alone.
Find your balance.
Learn your
boundaries, limits,
when to delegate
and/or say no.