Patient Stories

“I absolutely love the CANCER101 Planner. It takes so much stress out of my life right now. Less stress with insurance, the many appointments made for doctors and treatments. I love the "Medical History" section because it has been extremely helpful. The folder is also so useful. I can pull out what I need at a moment's notice. I take the whole thing to each and every doctor's appointment. I really appreciate these items so much! I would be fumbling around in the dark trying to find my way through all this. It just seems to take the chaos and stress from the situation. It's like having someone guide you when you can't think straight from all the worry and stress. It has made my life more manageable. I feel so in control of something instead of it having control of me. This is the greatest gift. Thank you!!”

Deborah, Breast Cancer, TX

“I wish I had the planner and the accordion folder at the time I was first diagnosed. The information would have taken a great deal of stress & anxiety away from me, which might have made the medical parts of my stress easier to cope with. I am using this planner with this round of cancer and it is such a big help to me and my caregiver. Thank you so much for making it easier to deal with my cancer this time around.”

Sarah, Colorectal Cancer, CO

“I have kept a medical binder the last 7 years but it was not organized. I started using the CANCER101 afterwards. With the CANCER101 notebook I have a current list of all my meds, I document a summary in the notes section of every doctor's visit. I also keep a copy of my latest scan and blood work. When you’ve been dealing with something like this as I have for such a long time your memory fails you. I can look back at the things I’ve documented to refresh my memory and everything is in the notebook to help me and my caregiver when we go to the doctor’s office or in the event I am admitted to the hospital. I have my book to show the nurses and my oncologists.”

Joanne, Breast Cancer Stage IV, AL

“This Planner was sent to me from a friend who is a cancer survivor. I have had it by my side since I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The Planner has been very helpful in giving me info on what, where, who, and why. Thanks a lot.”

William, Lung Cancer, NY

“I find the planner very helpful in keeping track of your appointment, medication, treatment, symptoms and medical bills. With so many things going on in your life, you tend to forget dates and treatments, but with the planner this information is at your fingertips.”

Marvin, Liver & Stomach Cancer, PA

“This planner has been an excellent resource. Getting the diagnosis and the treatments that follow is life-changing and overwhelming. You may feel a little out-of-control. For me, this planner gave me a little bit of control of my life back. Having just gone through a whirlwind of doctor appointments and surgery, I have mostly valued the calendar and med/insurance/bills sections. I read the relevant information as the issues come up. This has helped greatly so I know what to ask doctors and have a real dialogue with them.”

Wendyl, Breast Cancer, IN

“This planner is very helpful, especially if you love to stay organized. You can keep so much info at the tips of your fingers and can take it anywhere. I love my planner and others will too.”

Marilyn, Pancreatic Cancer, MO

“Even though I'm an R.N. with over 30 years experience, I felt completely overwhelmed with all the tests and consults, as well as coping with the diagnosis, and all the bills and especially the treatments and its effects. The planner kept me organized and my daughters took all the notes and tape recorded the appointments while I listened to the provider. Having everything in one place was so helpful.”

Patricia, Breast Cancer, AZ

“Thank you so much. I received my Planner in the mail and am absolutely amazed at how great this is. This is the best cancer tool I have seen in a long time.”

Kristy, Kidney Cancer, OH

“The CANCER101 organizer notebook is great. I love it. I am a true organizer. This is such a wonderful organized tool that I felt like it was Christmas receiving it. I have only browsed through it. The first thing I filled out was the "Medical History & Appt Tracker." I love this packet. I don't know how anyone could keep up with all that you have to do without this C101 packet.”

Rainey, Ovarian Cancer, IL

“I am so grateful to have such a wonderful asset to help me along my cancer journey. The CANCER101 Planner has kept things neat and orderly. It has helped me know what to expect. It has calmed my anxieties and fears. This truly is a treasure and I can't think of any way to make it any better.”

Norma, Breast Cancer, CO

“I found it to be helpful and informative. I have just been diagnosed with cancer and the information in the planner made it easier to cope.”

Dianne, Colorectal Cancer, CA

“I found the CANCER101 Planner very helpful. When I was first diagnosed, I was stunned and nervous. The planner helped me get organized and answered a lot of my questions. Even though I'm a retired nurse, there was a lot of information on new treatments and it was explained well and in easy to understand language.”

Bonnie, Breast Cancer, NV

“I have never been one for taking good notes or keeping ledgers of any kind, but I find this planner very useful as I learn to deal with this new chapter of my life. Thank you.”

Barbara, Lung Cancer, OH

“The CANCER101 Planner has been a great resource to organize my life after the diagnosis of cancer. The planner gives us a peace of mind to know that I have all of my necessary information for my appointments. It gives my caregivers a central place to access my information and to keep my paperwork and appointments in order.”

Debbi, Breast Cancer, MD

“The planner is great and the folder helps keep things organized until I get everything filed. I take the folder and book with me to each appointment.”

Darlene, Bladder Cancer, MD

“I deeply appreciate the service that you provide. I have ordered these planners for different friends facing cancer. They have been a tremendous help. When I was first diagnosed, your planner helped me to keep my sanity by navigating my treatment, which then helped me to deal with my anxiety. I felt like it gave me some control in a situation that I did not choose.”

Dianne, Cancer Thriver, PA

“A cancer diagnosis is very confusing and hard to deal with. The CANCER101 planner answered a lot of questions and helped me keep track of appointments and bills.”

Pamela, Breast Cancer, MT

“The Planner and expandable folder helped me tremendously. I now have a sense of control and peace, which replaced anxiety and confusion. Thank you CANCER101.”

Mary, Breast Cancer and Melanoma, NJ

“I love my CANCER101 planner. It helps me to keep track of everything, so I don't have to carry a big folder. It fits in my purse, and I can find everything I need easily. It's very helpful for my husband and family members too.”

Frances, Breast Cancer, CA

“When I started looking through the CANCER101 Planner, I realized what a valuable tool I was handed. Everything I need will be in one place and at my fingertips when needed.”

Maureen, Breast Cancer, NJ

“Thank you for a well-organized planner. It is very easy to use and very helpful in managing a life-changing disease. Keep up the good work!”

Sara, Lymphoma, CA

“The CANCER101 Planner has already been of use to me. It has explained things to me and my family and has helped me get organized. Thank you so much.”

Hope, Breast Cancer, TX

“We need to keep everything organized due to all the different doctors and treatments necessary. The planner is the best way possible to do that. I love it!”

Susan, Brain Cancer, OH

“The CANCER101 Planner helps in many ways. Thank you so much. You have helped us get rid of a lot of stress.”

Donny, Lymphoma, CO

“The CANCER101 Planner is a very helpful resource when you are going through a very scary time in your life.”

Jackie, Breast Cancer, KY

“I was very excited when I received the C101 planner because I am a person who wants to have everything in one place and ready to pick up to take to the doctor when it is time to go. I don't want to have to go looking for anything. Now it is all together. I had a folder, but this is so much better and it is organized for my treatment and anything associated with my cancer treatment. Thank you for my wonderful gift.”

Mona, Breast Cancer, TN

“At this point in my treatment there is a wild flurry of doctors and appointments and procedures that would be impossible to manage without this incredible planner.”

Melissa, Ovarian Cancer, FL

“This is one of the most informative and complete resources I have ever heard of for helping anyone cope with a serious illness. I have already shown my C101 planner to doctor offices that have not seen these materials. They have been impressed and some wrote the address down to order one! Knowledge is indeed power and these resources are empowering to patients who are very vulnerable. Thank you.”

Charlotte, Breast Cancer, NC

“You have put together a wonderful set of resources, as well as an easy-to-use organizational system. Thank you so much for this planner. One of my friends had started me with a binder, but this has been more helpful.”

Susan, Breast Cancer, IL

“Being totally caught by surprise, I am chosen for a journey that I know nothing about. The planner provided the desperately needed road map and format to organize myself for the trip.”

Jim, Lung Cancer, OH

“At 26 the last thing on my mind was cancer. This planner and filing system gave me some control and order to a disease that has no rhyme or reason.”

Valerie, Breast Cancer, FL

“The mass of information put on you is overwhelming. The CANCER101 planner is a sanity saver. My number one tool. It takes away so much of the searching, stressing, and worrying about forgetting things. Thank you!”

Vicky, Breast Cancer, NC

“When I received my CANCER101 planner, it was so full of information. I truly found it to be a lifeline! I was so overwhelmed with the news that I had cancer. I couldn't think! But I started to read the information in the planner and slowly everything started to make sense!”

Karen, Breast Cancer, MI

“As a newly diagnosed colon cancer fighter, I found the CANCER101 planner & folio extremely helpful and think this should be on American Cancer Society’s page as a #1 resource to all newly diagnosed. My caregiver and I are so grateful for this resource. If you have been newly diagnosed, definitely get a CANCER101 planner. It will change your life.”

Trisha, Colon Cancer, OH

“The planner and its associated binder are helpful, thoughtful and helps one for a thoughtful and understanding response to treatment over considerable time.”

Hugh, Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, VA

“I took my folder that I had; it was a mess. I have so many doctors and appointments and letters; I get everything mixed up. This was so nice to get. Thank you. I know there are people that would be tickled to get the 101 planner and folder.”

Tanya, Liver Cancer, WVA

“One of the most helpful outcomes of the CANCER101 Planner is my being able to include notes and observations and paperwork files within the same body of comprehensive information.”

Mildred, Breast Cancer, NC

“The CANCER101 Planner should be given to every patient the day they are given the diagnosis of cancer. The amount of information in the beginning is overwhelming and this book certainly is the best way to get and stay organized over the next ten years.”

Michelle, Breast Cancer, CA

“This Planner has been a lifesaver. I thank my navigator every time I see her and I refer to this book as my cancer bible. You have a creative and wonderful product. Thank you.”

Linda, Breast Cancer, CA

“The planner has helped me get organized. At first, I felt completely lost, but then this tool gave me direction and great ideas for making this experience easier for myself and my family. Thank you for the planner. It is a wonderful gift and I am deeply grateful.”

Marla, Breast Cancer, IN

“My specialists gave me the CANCER101 planner and it has made all the difference to set out on this journey prepared and organized! It gives me a feeling of control and I have all I need in one place -- what a great tool. THANK YOU!!!”

Lavinia, Breast Cancer, VA

“I am a 25 year survivor of stage 4 ovarian cancer, so facing cancer is not a new issue. I only wish these [CANCER101] materials would have been available to me at that time.”

Margaret, Breast and Ovarian Cancer, FL

“This planner has been the most important "journal" for me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for allowing me to benefit from this resource.”

Almarina, Breast Cancer, OR

“I found the planner very helpful at a very overwhelming time in my life. I received it the day I was diagnosed and it gave me a sense of control in a world that had suddenly spun out of control. This is an excellent way to keep everything in order and therefore in perspective. Thanks for being there in a very hard time in my life!”

Gery, Breast Cancer, OH

“I just received my CANCER101 planner yesterday during my 1st session of chemo. I was looking for something exactly like this and couldn't find anything like it in a store. I love the symptom tracker & started it already. I'm very excited to use the planner! Happy to have a way to share info with my doctors with exact notes. Thank you!”

Ingrid, Breast Cancer, MO

“The CANCER101 information was invaluable, timely, very well presented, very informative, and all-inclusive in a very manageable binder. I only wish I had this when I was a caretaker for my sister and mother. What peace of mind I would have felt. Thank you CANCER101.”

Marsha, Breast Cancer, NJ

“I am very appreciative of this planner; it has helped me tremendously. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I was trying to keep everything on a clipboard until I received this and I just LOVE it.”

Loretta, Breast Cancer, FL

“The CANCER101 organizer has been great and informative. It is a lifesaver, especially when thinking about everything one has to deal with once you're diagnosed. Thanks so much. Keep up the great job.”

Debbie, Breast Cancer, IL

“It was a great way to organize all the information that I got bombarded with at the beginning of my diagnosis. Now I am all caught up and utilize it each day to stay organized and on top of bills and paperwork. Thank you so much.”

Lorin, Breast Cancer, NV

“This is a great organizational tool! What a great way to make my cancer journey more bearable. Thanks!”

Leeza, Breast Cancer, KY

“I was overwhelmed when I found out I had cancer. This planner kept everything in perspective for me.”

Debby, Breast Cancer, OK

“Thank you for the wonderful planner. It is a resource that I am keeping close by. Thank you!”

Theresa, Breast Cancer, PA

“I want to thank CANCER101 for providing this material for people who are going through life changing types of cancer. Keep up the good work. Thank you.”

Shirley, Breast Cancer, IL

“Having the CANCER101 Planner has helped me feel more prepared as I have met with all the various healthcare professionals in making decisions on moving forward with my treatment.”

Darlene, Breast Cancer, MN

“This planner helped me organize myself during a very difficult time in my life. I carry it with me to every appointment. It has been great.”

Julie, Breast Cancer, FL

“The planner was a great help as I had sticky notes everywhere. I had a manila folder and things would fall out and wasn't organized.”

Patricia, Breast Cancer, VA

“My surgeon's office gave me the planner at my first appointment and I used/ read the entire planner. It was very helpful and I will continue to use it!”

Susan, Breast Cancer, TX

“Very helpful and useful information. Everything in one place, calendar, appointments, addresses, etc. Great planner!”

Tammy, Breast Cancer, GA

“Thank you for the planner. The parts I haven't used yet will probably be useful in the future. It is helpful to have it all in one place.”

Carol, Breast Cancer, VA

“Thank you for the education and organization gift. It has been very helpful in keeping all my information in one place. No looking, nothing ever lost! I just grab the file and I'm good.”

Rachael, Breast Cancer, NV

“This planner was wonderful and very helpful. I'm very happy I was fortunate enough to be given one.”

Helen, Breast Cancer, PA

“When I was first diagnosed, I turned to this planner for all my questions, keeping my bills and appointments in it, etc. I still use it and will continue to use it until I am out of the woods with my cancer and may pass it onto a new patient.”

Candace, Breast Cancer, CA

“I referred to the planner many times throughout my treatments. It gave me confidence to know what to do.”

Diane, Breast Cancer, OH

“I really appreciate the planner. It has helped me greatly in more ways than one. It helps to know that I am not alone and that I have support in trying to manage all of this. It helps me feel like I have things together when I feel like all is falling apart.”

Celia, Breast Cancer, AZ

“I wish I had this 14 years ago when I had breast cancer the first time. This planner is wonderful and makes it easier to keep everything organized and easier to keep track of appointments and treatment dates and medicines.”

Linda, Breast Cancer, OH

"This is my second breast cancer diagnosis. The planner is a great resource of information about cancer and a great way to track it because it is so complex. Even though I'm a nurse, it is still overwhelming to me.”

Mayra, Breast Cancer, FL

“The CANCER101 planner is very informative and helpful for patients and family members. I love having all the information I received to take home with me. It's so much easier to look over materials at home in a relaxed environment.”

Katrina, Breast Cancer, OH

“I’m a cancer newbie. I was fortunate to get connected to your website via my first book investment “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” by Kris Carr. This new path, navigating through life with cancer is loaded with overwhelming moments. I thank God for leading you all to pave away small sections along the path that help us “newbies” grab hold to that “pinch of Faith & Hope” as we catch even a glimpse of the bright light (Victory) at the end of the tunnel.”

Jennifer, Colorectal Cancer, FL

“Since I have only had the Planner for a week and 2 treatments, I’m just getting started. But so far, I find looking at my entries will be of great help in my future cancer treatments.”

Gay, Ovarian Cancer, OH

“I read all of the literature- it was very helpful. I love the folder – it really helped having all of my important papers in one place and one I could take to doctor appointments. Thank you for the valuable tools you provide. It really, really helped!”

Debra, Breast Cancer

“I think the planner is great! Any way to help us stay organized and keep things in one place is helpful. Especially since it boggles your mind with the flood of information you’re given and told.”

Eunice, Breast Cancer, OH

“When I received my planner my first thoughts were that I would never use it – I have! It is a wonderful tool to use as I go on my journey with breast cancer. Thank you so much.”

Mary, Breast Cancer, IL

“Another item we found very helpful was the clear plastic holders for business cards. Every new appointment we went to, someone handed us a card and they were stacking up everywhere. Thank you so much!!!”

Catherine, Breast Cancer, CA

“This was more helpful and useful than other “gifts” that I was given – for example (from clinics). Your information was current, valuable and practical. I do not need “gifts” I need resources! Thank you and keep up the great work.”

Amy, Breast Cancer, OH

“Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource for cancer survivors. I was completely overwhelmed by my diagnosis and all the new information I had to suddenly process. Your accordion file and planner made getting organized so simple and great decreased my stress level. THANK YOU!!”

Anonymous, Breast Cancer

“My husband was looking for a planner/organizer to be able to keep everything in one place. This has been a huge help, since he manages everything from appointments/insurance/bills, other documents, etc. This planner is essential! Thanks for putting it all together. It’s one less thing I have to worry about!”

Jane, Breast Cancer, NC

“This planner can be particularly helpful to those who are not very organized to begin with and like most new cancer patients are so overwhelmed with the “news" of their cancer diagnosis. I am a very organized person (especially with paperwork), but because I was in such shock with my cancer diagnosis, this planner took the “work” or difficulty of getting organized off my plate.”

Mary, Breast Cancer, HI

“I am 24 years old and diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that has spread to my liver, abdominal wall, appendix, and ovaries. It is still hard to process all of this. I go to the doctors a lot. It was shocking that nothing was found sooner. I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. Since then, I have learned so many terms I have never heard before. There are still so many words I don’t understand. The provided dictionary has helped tremendously. I want to learn and understand all I can to better plan my treatment paths. The chemo takes my memory away (could also be lack of sleep due to my mind racing constantly). But the planner has helped me keep track of all my information/appointments, etc. I have always been a planner and love organizing. This planner helps me stay on top of things as I fight for my life. The C101 Planner is definitely a tool I would recommend to other cancer patients.”

Sarah, Colorectal Cancer, MD

“I absolutely love this C101 book and wished I had it 9 months ago when I was first diagnosed. Those first few weeks of biopsies, procedures, meetings & results are mind boggling! I was in shock with my diagnosis yet trying to have a clear mind in order to listen to my team of doctors so I could make the right decisions and ask the right questions. This book would have helped greatly in assisting my husband and I to merely keep our thoughts and questions straight.”

Christine, Breast Cancer

“This planner was awesome, especially the accordion file, it was another step in taking control of my disease. It has made it as easy to access anything I need. The day planner helps me track my appointments, medication and log my daily symptoms. Thank you for all your help.”

Renne, Lymphoma, CO

“I love the planner to keep everything in one place. I am receiving full brain radiation and sometimes I forget stuff and now that I received the planner and filled everything out, I know all I have to do is grab my planner. Thank you so much.”

Linda, Lung Cancer, AR

“Planner was and is still very helpful for appointments and just keeping all papers organized.”

Barbara, Breast Cancer, AK

“Your planner materials are awesome. I wish I had had them from the beginning.”

Patricia, Breast Cancer, TX

“I like the planner very much, it will help me keep track of everything I need for appointments, treatments. It’s a very nice planner put together. Thank you.”

Donna, Breast Cancer, IL

“Very useful and helpful. Thank you for making the initial shock a little less stressful, especially the questions to ask your doctor.”

Emily, Breast Cancer, AZ

“I think the planner is a great resource. Thank you for making this tool.”

Anonymous, Breast Cancer, GA

“Your cause helped me and I hope it can help my friends and other patients.”

Aynn, Cancer Thriver, NY

“Even the slightest bit of info can be a godsend to a newly diagnosed cancer patient. Thank you for making the planner available.”

Ann, Breast Cancer, IN

“Thank you so much for all you do. I used your fabulous planner for myself and I'm now ordering one for a dear friend.”

Joan, Breast Cancer, FL

“I do feel this is a wonderful planner and am happy to use it! Also, extremely thankful!”

Joyce, Appendix and Colon Cancer, NJ

“I was given this planner. It looks like a great resource to keep things organized and in one place.”

Michelle, Breast Cancer, MI

“Being newly diagnosed, this planner has been so great in helping me keep all important info in one place.”

Susan, Breast Cancer, NJ

“The whole book of "Roadmap to Wellness" was very informative. C101 Planner-ALL good information!”

Roberta, Breast Cancer, IN

“Very thorough and comprehensive. In most instances, easy to understand. A very good library of information.”

Larry, Lymphoma, TN

“I love the planner and especially love the accordion folder. I have all my chemo info organized in the folder.”

Tara, Hodgkin Lymphoma, OH

“This is so helpful - everything in one place.”

Sherri, Breast Cancer, NV

“Planner is a big help, keeps me on top of my treatments and caregivers.”

Charlotte, Gynecologic Cancer, OH

“This planner is my best friend for cancer info.”

Treena, Breast Cancer, CO

“I found the planner to be very helpful.”

Carolyn, Breast Cancer, MI

“I am happy to have this and still digging into it all!”

Christine, Breast Cancer

“Overall, it’s a great tool. Thank you.”

Abraham, Prostate Cancer, CA

“This is a great resource. Thank you!”

Laura, Breast Cancer, CA

“So great to have it!

Tammy, Breast Cancer, OH