Partnering With My Health Care Team

Health care is like a puzzle and you control a very important piece. Your story, life experiences and how they impact your health hold clues that are just as vital as a test. 99% of our life is spent outside of the doctor’s office and can be referred to as “the care between the care”. This is the health care that you will need to manage and coordinate over time. Taking control of your health and navigating next steps includes:

  1. Navigating Your Care as a Participatory Patient

Top 10 Things Every Patient Needs to Know

  1. Finding the Right Doctor “Partner”

  3. Partnering with Your Health Care Team

Do You Know Your Health Care Team?
What To Do During a Visit With Your Doctor

  1. Managing the “Care Between the Care” as a Prepared Patient

The Prepared Patient Checklist

  1. Gathering, Tracking and Organizing your Health History

  3. Sharing your Story and Life Goals

  5. Understanding your Options and Making Informed Decisions

  7. Learning Where and How to Get Support and Information

  9. Reviewing and Understanding Your Medical Records

What does the ideal visit with your doctor look like? Tell us about your best and worst experiences here.