Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Did you know?

Taking both smokers and non-smokers into account, a man’s lifetime risk of developing lung cancer is about 1 in 13, and a woman’s lifetime risk is 1 in 16.

The main risk factors for lung cancer include smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, exposure to radon or asbestos, personal or family history of lung cancer, air pollution, and high levels of arsenic in drinking water.

Though not all people with lung cancer show symptoms, potential signs and symptoms include fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, and loss of appetite.

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American Lung Association
1(800)586-4872 toll free or 1(212)315-8700

Lung Cancer Alliance
1(800)298-2436 toll free or 1(202)463-2080

LUNGevity Foundation
1(312) 464-0716

National Lung Cancer Partnership
1(608) 833-7905

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