Managing Finances

Financial Management

“How will I pay for my treatments?” is a question many patients ask when diagnosed with cancer. Below you will find a short “to do” list for staying in control of your finances, with additional resources for more in-depth information:

  • Work with your health care team to understand costs associated with your treatment to allow you to manage the financial impact. Ask Questions!
  • If you have insurance, speak with your insurance company to understand the details of your policy to manage out of pocket expenses more effectively.
  • Contact Support Services that help to address financial difficulties.
  • Organize and review all of your finances. It may help to make a list of all of your monthly expenditures. Remember to include the hidden costs associated with your cancer treatments such as the increase in costs of daily living, which may include transportation costs to/from appointments, child care and/or a lessened work schedule.


Download Here : Manage the costs of care


Assessing and Managing Your Financial Situation by LiveStrong

Financial Assistance by CancerCare – Various resources offering advice on how to manage cancer costs

Finding and Paying for Treatment by the American Cancer Society – Includes information on managing insurance issues and understanding financial and legal matters