LGBTQIA+ Support

Navigating healthcare can be complex, and your sexual orientation and gender identity may have an impact on the cancer care you receive. Below you will find resources we’ve created to help empower you as you navigate next steps.

Health Match is a problem-solving platform that we’ve created to provide a lifeline to patients and their families by matching them to resources, tools and education based on the challenges they need help with. There are various challenges we’ve identified for people diagnosed with cancer, but we’ve also taken it a step further and curated resources from trusted organizations to help support the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Top 10 Health Tips for the LGBTQIA+ Community

We’ve curated helpful tips to help you understand your rights and better partner with your healthcare team.

Head to Toe: How Well Do You Know Your Body?

Approximately 4 of 10 cancers are attributable to lifestyle and environmental risk factors, which include sexual/reproductive history, smoking, alcohol, diet, weight and physical activity. Sexual and gender minorities may have a higher risk of certain cancer types, and it’s important you stay on top of your screenings! This resource provides a bird’s eye view of screenings you should talk to your healthcare team. You can also scan the QR codes for additional screening information.

LGBTQIA+ Patients – Top 5 Tips for Clinicians

The LGBTQIA+ community may have a higher risk of certain cancer types, which is why it’s important for your healthcare team to understand and accommodate your needs. The resource below includes a few tips to help empower clinicians to better partner with their LGBTQIA+ patients.

What tips would you add?