Where Do I Start?

Take Control. Get Informed. Stay Organized.

A cancer diagnosis can be accompanied by a wave of overwhelming emotions, thoughts and fears. Patients and their families often receive a lot of information that they don’t understand, while expected to make important decisions regarding their care. Having a plan of action and access to appropriate resources and information is important.

The “Where Do I Start” section is designed to support you as you navigate next steps. Here you will find information, tips, and resources to help you understand and better manage your cancer.

In addition, you can access a personalized Health GPS to guide you through additional resources, whether you’re looking for information on treatment options, searching for a clinical trial or looking for an online community to connect with others.You can also be matched to programs that can help with issues you may be facing, whether it’s the cost of care, you’re feeling alone or another obstacle. Resources can also be filtered by the medium you prefer, whether it’s a book, website, hotline, podcast, online community, mobile app, among others!

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