C101 Lifesavers

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Calling All High Risk Patients, Survivors and Caregivers

At CANCER101, one of our goals is to ensure the community understands steps one can take to prevent cancer and the power of early detection, which is why we’ve started the C101 Lifesaver program! Sadly, not all cancers are preventable but there are many steps you can take to alleviate risk of cancer and screening tools to catch cancer early.

Did you know that only 5% of all cancers are hereditary?

If you are a high risk patient in a screening program, we want to hear from you. If are a cancer survivor, your first-hand knowledge about navigating your cancer can be used to educate family, friends, and the community about how to catch cancer early and/or prevent it altogether. If you are a caregiver that helped a friend or family member navigate the journey, your experiences can help others. YOU have a powerful message to share. Think about how many people you can help!

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