Prescription To Learn®


Imagine if you had a personalized Health GPS to guide you through helpful information from credible sources? Whether you’re looking for assistance to help with the cost of care, a clinical trial or an online community to connect with others, we’ve curated helpful resources for you!

The Problem

The Solution

Prescription to Learn® is a health GPS that allows you to “filter the garbage from the gold” and select:

1) Your condition 

2) Phase: Prevention, Symptoms & Tests,  New Diagnosis, Treatment, Clinical Trial or Long Term Management

3) Your medium of choice, whether it’s a book, an online community, mobile app, podcast, etc. We have curated educational resources from credible sources that you can view, as well as rate based on your experience. You can also filter resources by your learning preferences and access visual, auditory or linguistic resources. Your clinician can also prescribe recommended resources!


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