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CANCER101 has partnered with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) by providing our visitors with their series of cancer-specific booklets called “What You Need to Know About [your cancer type]”

The booklets are formatted to insert into the “myCANCER101” tab found inside the CANCER101 Planner.

Knowledge is power! Take control of your cancer by learning about your disease. Download the PDF that matches your disease even if you aren’t using our planner.

The inserts offer the following:

  • General information about your cancer
  • Descriptions of treatment methods, side effects, supportive care, and checkups
  • Questions to ask your doctor about your cancer and its treatment

Printing Tips

Each link below is a PDF that prints on 8.5×11 paper. Each page prints two pages each of the booklet that can then be folded and hole punched to fit inside the planner.

You will need to have Adobe Reader (or another application that reads PDFs) on your computer. If you don’t already have it, click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Set your desktop printer to print landscape. To save money on ink, set your printer to fast draft. Fold each page with the copy on the outside, blank page on the inside. Use the circles as guides for the whole punch.

Insert into the planner and you are on your way to learning about your disease. Share with friends and family so they are better informed too.

Additional C101 Planner Inserts

Click on the links below to view/download frequently requested inserts as a PDF.
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