Personalize Planner

The “Roadmap to Wellness” was designed so that you can personalize your planner based on your unique experiences. As you fill the pages of your planner, it will evolve into a footprint of how far you’ve traveled and the steps you took along the way. We can also send you personalized information electronically if you tell us a little bit about you and your experiences. There are three steps to personalizing your planner.

Let’s go Digital!

If you would like to receive personalized content via email based on your unique experiences with cancer and preferences, please take a few minutes to answer a few questions below.

About Me

Personalize by Cancer Type

You can personalize your CANCER101 Planner by type of cancer. Click on link below to view, download and/or print booklets.

Personalize myToolbox

As you track your health history and fill the pages of your planner, you can download additional trackers, templates and checklists below.



  • Family Tree
  • Medical Timeline
  • Cancer History
  • Circle of Care Tracker
  • Diagnostic Test Tracker
  • Test Results Tracker
  • Treatment Tracker
  • My Medicine Chest Tracker
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Medical Bill Ledger
  • Insurance Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker

Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit- Before, During and After

  • Prepared Patient-Checklist
  • Prepared Patient Template
  • Head to Toe Analysis & Lifestyle Updates
  • Prepared Patient-Before Visit
  • Prepared Patient-During Visit
  • Prepared Patient-After Visit

Checklists and Questions

  • Important Documents Checklist
  • Prepared Patient Checklist
  • Questions to Ask Health Care Team
  • Clinical Trial Questions
  • Medication Questions

Calendar/ Templates

  • Annual Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Daily Planner
  • To Do List
  • Contact List
  • Notes Pages
  • Journal Pages

If you need additional pages for a previous version of the planner, please contact us at