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We’ve been busy co-designing our “Roadmap to Wellness” with 101 patients and their care/support partners, as well as health care professionals, patient educators, illustrators, information designers, and health literacy experts. You can find additional information below. To obtain an order form, please contact us at info@cancer101.org .

An Overview

CANCER101 distributes its resources to over 1200 hospitals, cancer centers and community oncology practices. One of our main objectives is to personalize the educational journey, and tailor our resources to align with the patient profile through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations.

Our Reach

Description: The “Roadmap to Wellness” includes a three-ring compact binder, broken out into ten sections, with motivational illustrations and patient and care/support partner stories woven throughout. The three-ring compact binder includes everything a patient and their care/support partner needs to stay organized and informed during their treatment pathway and follow-up care. Following the first appointment with a clinician, patients leave their visit with an essential tool to navigate and take an active role in their cancer journey.

Accordion File: The accordion file allows the patient and care/support partner to stay organized and is tabbed to allow for organization of pathology and laboratory reports, test results, prescription and medication instructions, research, insurance paperwork and bills, etc. Each CANCER101 Planner includes a survey, which can be customized to accommodate an organization’s specific needs and measurement goals ,to help improve the patient experience.

A Sneak Peek

3 of the 10 Sections

Infographic: What To Do During Visit With Your Doctor

The ten sections in the “Roadmap to Wellness” include:

  • myCANCER101-Where do I start? Personalization by cancer type.
  • myNavigator-Navigating Health Care
  • myToolbox-Templates and checklists to document health history and prepare for appointments
  • Questions to Ask My Health Care Team-Divided by phase in journey
  • Clinical Trials-Explanations and questions to ask health care team
  • Medicine & Symptom Tracker-Important information, trackers and tips
  • Managing the Costs of Care-Tips to manage costs, bills and insurance
  • Mind, Body & Connections- Nutrition, mental health, fitness and more
  • C101 Lifesavers-Support for the care/support partner
  • Resources-Additional resources and dictionary of terms

Order Planners

To inquire further or obtain an order form, please contact us at info@cancer101.org

We have order windows in place for bulk orders, and orders received by the 15th of the month will be shipped by the 15th of the following month. Expedited options are also available.

We also offer the opportunity for your organization to co-brand and customize planners. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us today.