About the Cancer Planner

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of new information, confusing terminology, appointments, paperwork and medical bills? Order “Roadmap to Wellness”, a cancer planner, today!

The “Roadmap to Wellness” provides basics for people diagnosed with cancer and their care/support partners. The cancer planner is a three-ring, compact binder with ten sections focused on helping you better manage your cancer. It also includes an accordion file to help keep you organized. The “Roadmap to Wellness” was co-designed with 101 patients and their care/support partners, as well as health care professionals, patient educators, illustrators, information designers, and health literacy experts. It includes motivational illustrations and patient and care/support partner stories, infographics, and tools and templates to keep track of your health and better manage your cancer.



The Ten Chapters in the “Roadmap to Wellness” Include:

  • myCANCER101– Where do I start? Personalization by cancer type
  • myNavigator– Tips to help navigate healthcare
  • myToolbox– Templates to document health history and prepare for appointments
  • Questions to Ask My Health Care Team– Divided by phase in treatment
  • Clinical Trials– Overview of clinical trials as a care option
  • Medicine & Symptom Tracker– Important information, trackers and tips
  • Managing the Costs of Care– Tips to manage costs, bills and insurance
  • Mind, Body & Connections– Nutrition, mental health, fitness, relationships and more
  • C101 Lifesavers– Support for the care/ support partner
  • Resources– Additional resources and dictionary of terms