About the Cancer Planner

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of new information, confusing terminology, appointments, paperwork and medical bills? Order a cancer planner, “Roadmap to Wellness”, today!

The “Roadmap to Wellness” provides basics for people diagnosed with cancer and their care partners. The cancer planner is a three-ring, compact binder with ten sections focused on helping you navigate cancer and next steps. It also includes an accordion file to help keep you organized. The “Roadmap to Wellness” was co-designed with 101 patients and their care/support partners, as well as health care professionals, patient educators, illustrators, information designers, and health literacy experts. It includes motivational illustrations, patient and care partner stories, infographics, tools and templates to help you keep track of your health and better manage your cancer and coordinate your care. We have also adapted the cancer planner to meet the needs of Hispanic patients and their families.



The Ten Chapters in the “Roadmap to Wellness” Include:

  • myCANCER101– Where do I start? Personalization by cancer type
  • myNavigator– Tips to help navigate healthcare
  • myToolbox– Templates to document health history and prepare for appointments
  • Questions to Ask My Health Care Team– Divided by phase in treatment
  • Clinical Trials– Overview of clinical trials as a care option
  • Medicine & Symptom Tracker– Important information, trackers and tips
  • Managing the Costs of Care– Tips to manage costs, bills and insurance
  • Mind, Body & Connections– Nutrition, mental health, fitness, relationships and more
  • C101 Lifesavers– Support for the care/ support partner
  • Resources– Additional resources and dictionary of terms

Guía Hacía El Bienestar

We’ve adapted our cancer planner to meet the unique needs of Hispanic patients. You can inquire about the Spanish version of the planner here.