About the Cancer Planner

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of new information, confusing terminology, appointments, paperwork and medical bills? Order a C101 Planner today!

The Planner answers virtually every possible question that patients and their loved ones might have. You get so much information that comes your way that the five-pocket folder helps to keep you organized

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Order a C101 Planner For Yourself or Someone You Love
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The C101 Planner

The three-ring, tabbed notebook comes with a five-pocket, pre-tabbed accordion folder to house pathology reports, research, insurance paperwork, outstanding bills and resources.


A cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelmingly frustrating experience where patients and caregivers are confronted with medical information, financial concerns and forced to make life changing decisions on treatment options. In addition, it’s a daunting process to coordinate travel logistics, navigate insurance policies or find help if faced with little or no insurance–all while managing daily work and family obligations. Having a plan of action, the means to stay organized and access to the appropriate resources and information is half the battle. C101 meets YOU on the front line and turns a chaotic experience into a calm and organized plan of attack. Just as important, C101 is there after the treatments are over to help YOU manage important post-treatment appointments, medications and survivorship issues.

The CANCER101 planner is designed for anyone affected by cancer, helping newly diagnosed patients, those with metastatic disease or recurrence, and survivors who are interested in managing their follow-up appointments. Caregivers find our cancer planners extremely helpful in navigating the process, too.

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