Cancer Planner

Take Control. Get Informed. Stay Organized.

A cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. Patients and their care/support partners are often confronted with a deluge of new information, confusing terminology and paperwork, while forced to make life-changing decisions regarding their care. In addition, it can be daunting to navigate insurance coverage, address financial concerns and coordinate travel logistics, while balancing family and/or work obligations.

Having a plan of action, the means to stay organized and access to the appropriate resources and information can help you better navigate the path forward. CANCER101 meets YOU on the front line and turns what can be a chaotic experience into a calm and organized plan to help you manage cancer from the moment you’re diagnosed to long-term thriver-ship!


We’ve been busy co-designing the cancer planner, “Roadmap to Wellness”, with 101 patients and their care/support partners, as well as healthcare professionals, patient educators, illustrators, information designers, and health literacy experts.

The CANCER101 planner is designed for anyone touched by cancer:

  • People newly diagnosed with cancer
  • People with a recurrence or metastatic cancer
  • Thrivers (survivors) that are managing follow-ups
  • Care/support partners that are helping a loved one manage cancer and coordinate care

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