CANCER101 Overview

Our Mission

To empower, inform and engage patients and their care partners to navigate their cancer care and partner with their healthcare team to make informed decisions.

Who We Are

To fulfill its mission, C101, founded in 2002:
− Meets the cancer patient and caregiver on the front line and turns a chaotic experience into a calm and organized plan of attack
− Personalizes the patient experience…one patient at a time through tailored education based on personal preferences
− Provides innovative tools and resources patients and caregivers need to manage chronic condition in partnership with the healthcare team, allowing them to document their day to day life experiences
− Creates a comprehensive roadmap for patients by filtering “garbage from gold”, aggregating best practice content through partnerships with other organizations in order to avoid “recreating the wheel”, and creating new content to address unmet needs

Our Reach

Planner Distribution History

We partner with ~ 1200 cancer centers and community practices nationwide to disseminate tools at the point of care establishing a participatory relationship between the care team and the patient.

Our distribution spans across all 50 states and Canada. We have also received requests from over 40 countries and global distribution is a future goal.

Our Main Initiatives


Roadmap to Wellness


We’ve been busy co-designing our “Roadmap to Wellness” with 101 patients and their care/support partners, as well as healthcare professionals, patient educators, illustrators, information designers, and health literacy experts. The “Roadmap to Wellness” includes a three-ring compact binder broken out into ten sections with motivational illustrations and patient and care/support partner stories woven throughout. It also includes an accordion file that patients and their families can use to stay organized.

Prescription to Learn®

Prescription to Learn® (P2L) is a trusted ecosystem that helps patients and caregiver navigate healthcare. Known as the GPS to healthcare, P2L is designed to guide patients and caregivers through the information overload they are often confronted with throughout the cancer journey. We’ve curated content from credible sources, allowing patients and caregivers to personalize by cancer type, phase in treatment, medium of choice (book, online, mobile app, etc), and learning preference. The ultimate goal is to provide patients and caregivers with access to the right resources at the right time, empowering them to make informed decisions in partnership with their healthcare team. Clinicians can also prescribe resources to patients and caregivers. We are working on launching in other cancers.

Health Match

Health Match is a matchmaking platform that was created to provide a lifeline to patients and caregivers when they need it most by matching them to solutions based on the issue they need help with. We have worked with patients and caregivers to identify the main issues that they face, from time of screening through long-term thrivership, and mapped the tools, services, and solutions available to address these problems from credible organizations.

Learning Preference Barometer

Are you a visual learner? Auditory learner? Linguistic learner? The Learning Preference Barometer is a tool that helps address health literacy needs by helping patients and caregivers determine primary and secondary learning preferences so that communication and education can be personalized based on their preferences. The tool guides each person through a series of engaging and interactive questions to assess preferences, and then provides them the opportunity to filter resources in our online ecosystem (P2L) by learning preference.

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