Learning Preferences

What type of learner are you? Visual? Auditory? Linguistic? Kinesthetic?

How do you prefer to receive information? Do you prefer to see information through visuals with images, illustrations and/or visual cues? Do you lean towards information that’s auditory, where you prefer to have someone explain information to you verbally or even listen to the content through a podcast? Are you linguistic, where you prefer to consume information through seeing the words, whether it’s on paper or a screen? You may be multi-modal and prefer more than one approach.

Receiving information in a way that matches your preferences can help you better understand how to act upon that information. We’ve created the Learning Preference Barometer, where you can answer a few short questions to help you determine your preferences. You can then communicate this with your health care team so you receive information in a way that you best understand. In addition, you can cut through the clutter and filter the resources you access in Prescription to Learn®, your Health GPS, by your learning preferences.

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