Sponsorship Opportunities

We are grateful to our sponsors for their generous support, which allows us to reach over 100,000 patients and their care partners annually. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@cancer101.org for additional information.

CANCER101 launched in 2002 and we initially distributed 150 breast cancer planners throughout NYC. In 2010, we expanded to over 23 cancers, and we have steadily expanded our reach to over 100,000 planners annually.

Today, our tools are distributed in over 1,200 hospitals and community practices, at the point of care. We also distribute our resources directly to patients and their care partners. Our distribution spans across all 50 states and Canada. We have also received requests from over 40 countries.

C101 Survey

Surveys Tells Us…

The planner helped me better understand my cancer. 98%
The planner gave me a sense of control and helped me alleviate some of the anxiety associated with my diagnosis. 95%
The planner helped me better communicate with my healthcare team and coordinate my care. 92%
The planner helped me partner with my care team to make important decisions regarding treatment options and navigate my journey 87%
The planner prompted me to record important information such as my history, symptoms, medicines, and appointments to share with my doctor and nurse. 95%
The planner served as a roadmap for me to follow in understanding what to do next in my journey. 94%
I feel better about my prognosis because I am organized to fight my cancer. 84%