Partnerships & Co-Branding

Are you interested in Co-Branding the C101 Planner?

We are now providing co-branding opportunities to healthcare organizations, personalizing the C101 planner to meet the evolving local needs of varied patient demographics. This opportunity allows you to include specific information such as an overview of your organization, introduction to departments and team members, and important local resources and contacts, which allows patients and caregivers to become informed and engaged through one comprehensive tool. Our goal is to also allow the healthcare team to customize the resource based upon the personal profile of the patient at point of care combining your resources with the C101 planner. Contact us today for additional information at

Collaborations & Partnerships


In an era of personalized care, accommodating the needs of patients is critical, thus we intend to evolve through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to meet those needs.

Rather than recreate the wheel and create duplicate information, we partner with other credible organizations such as National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups (CCCG) to disseminate educational resources.

In addition, we partner with groups to customize our existing resources, create new educational tools and collaborate on research projects and technology platforms, among other things. Contact us at for additional information.