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  • White House Cancer Moonshot Announcement

    The White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force was created to double the rate of progress in cancer research and treatment, striving to accelerate what could be achieved in ten years in just five. The Cancer Moonshot report that was delivered to the American Public summarizes the work of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force and lays […]

  • Meet your Wellness Advocate

    Meet DonnaLyn: Wellness Advocate DonnaLyn is a rare sarcoma cancer survivor that’s endured a monster cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and cyber knife radiation while caring for her husband that has survived two stem cell transplants and ongoing chemotherapy as a result of his battle with multiple myeloma. Donna Lyn understands the importance of quality of […]

  • Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine

    This 45-minute documentary explores three remarkable stories of medical progress that have taken place over the course of the long history of NEJM. In 1812, we had no understanding of infectious disease, surgery was unsanitary and performed without anesthesia, and cancer was unrecognized. Two centuries later, this film tells the story of research, clinical practice, […]

  • E-Patients, Cancer, and the Power of Positive Thinking

    There are currently more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. This includes women still being treated and those who have completed treatment. I am one of those survivors after two rounds with cancer, one in each breast, unrelated to one another. When I was first diagnosed, I went through the usual […]