C101 Testimonials


“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my tightly organized world came to an end. From that day, when I received my CANCER101 Planner, my life has revolved around the accordion organizer and the notebook. I have tracked insurance, bills, and appointments in one place – a good thing when chemo brain set in! It was also a helpful place to begin my quest for specific information concerning my disease and treatment. Thank you CANCER101!”

Judi N.Breast CancerWarner Robins, GA

Care Partner

“I was very concerned about being organized, where to get answers, etc. The planner was a lifesaver; it has certainly made this experience much easier. I am not the patient but we live together. I have the total responsibility for his care, Dr. appointments, and answers for his concerns. Thank you very much for the packet and the much needed help it has given me.”

Dodie F.Care PartnerPerrin, TX

Health Care Professionals

“The CANCER101 planners have been an excellent resource for my cancer patients and their families. Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult enough. Having pertinent information from reputable sources in a concise easily understood fashion makes it easier for the patient to understand their diagnosis and ultimately treatment options. I will continue to support CANCER101 without reservation.”

Tobi GreeneMDHackensack University Medical Center at Hackensack, NJ

Testimonials from Patients

Having the CANCER101 Planner has helped me feel more prepared as I have met with all the various healthcare professionals in making decisions on moving forward with my treatment.

Donald F.Lung CancerRichmond, MN

The Planner and expandable folder helped me tremendously. I now have a sense of control and peace, which replaced anxiety and confusion. Thank you CANCER101.

Mary Y.Breast Cancer & MelanomaVineland, NJ

What a fantastic tool! There is so much going on during the testing, diagnosis, surgery, and treatment process that just staying organized is empowering – and extremely helpful for me and my wife.

Frank C.Colon CancerHuntington Valley, PA

I carry the Planner with me everywhere. I have every report, test, scan; whatever I have done from beginning to end. This is the best thing ever. Everyone should use this Planner. Thank you for caring so much. It has kept me right on track with everything I had to do or needed done. Great job!

Anthony G.Nasopharyngeal cancerWenonah, NJ

The CANCER101 organizer notebook is great. I love it! This is such a wonderful organized tool that I felt like it was Christmas receiving it. I don’t know how anyone could keep up with all that you have to do without this C101 packet.

Roberta M.Ovarian CancerChicago, IL

I have been taking the Planner and the matching file folder to all my appointments and I just wanted to let you know I love, love, love it! You really thought of everything. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I have had the worst time keeping track of everything and this has really simplified things for me.

Liz T.Ovarian CancerNew York, NY

Testimonials from Health Care Professionals

…the perfect addition to her Personal Health Record and the hospital’s Electronic Health Record since it enables her to document her thoughts and experiences in a way that complements the objective healthcare data gathered during the care process.

John D. HalamkaMD, MS, Chief Information OfficerHarvard Medical School & Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Patients love the Planner and the format is great! Thank you again.

Lynda OliverosRN, BSN, MDAnderson Cancer Center, Orlando, FL

This planner is an invaluable tool in laying the foundation for patients as they begin their journey into the world of cancer. They cannot control the fact that they have cancer, but they can take charge of the information they have, the team they choose, and choices they make, and this planner has helped empower them to be organized and in charge. Every single patient I have given this planner to has taken it with relief and determination on their face, as they come to grips with the reality of their diagnosis. This tool is just what they need to help them walk through their journey in an organized and informed manner. And I feel like I have a very valuable gift to give these patients! Thank you, CANCER101!

LuAnn RobersonRN, CBPN-IScottsdale Medical Imaging at Scottsdale, AZ

I have had the opportunity to thoroughly review the materials and have shared these with Barbara A. Ward, MD, Medical Director of the Breast Center at Greenwich Hospital. C101 is a well conceived, carefully constructed and professionally presented program for use with breast cancer patients and their caregivers. I am amazed at [your] foresight in giving patients an opportunity for long-range planning in their cancer treatment. This is not only practical, but, on a less obvious level, offers hope and security for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. I love it!”

Jan LarkinRN, BSN, Nurse CoordinatorBreast Center at Greenwich Hospital

The CANCER01 planner is a fantastic tool for patients, their families and the medical community. I found the planners helped my patients be better prepared, organized and informed thus allowing me to focus on the important medical issues at hand.

Dr. Deborah AxelrodDirector of Clinical Breast Services & Director of Community OutreachNYU Cancer Institute & NYU Cancer Institute

CANCER101 Planners are a wonderful resource for our patients.

Leonard SenderMDUC Irvine Medical Center, Orange, CA

Our patients request the CANCER101 Planners more than any other [resource].

Patricia RobinsonProgram CoordinatorUC Davis Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA

Staying organized is one of the biggest challenges when faced with an unexpected, complex medical condition. The C101 Planner has found a way to put all of the details needed in a convenient, portable size that is easy to use and understand. It makes scheduling procedures easier when all appointments are readily available in a ‘one-stop’ resource. I love this tool. Don’t ever stop producing it!

Sue BowmanRNYork Cancer Center, York, PA

Testimonials from Care Partners

I just wanted to thank you for the CANCER101 Planner that you have created. I bought it for a friend of mine and am going to recommend it to another friend of mine with breast cancer. I lost my Mom to breast cancer when she was only 62 years old. She lived in a small town without access to doctors unless she traveled 1 or 2 hours. I think if she had a tool like your planner it would have allowed her to be more proactive and follow up with her doctors more efficiently. Thanks again for making such a great tool available!

Kerry M.CaregiverDeerfield, FL

If my wife and I had only had the breastCANCER101 planner, her complicated doctor and medication schedules as well as the inundation of medical bills would never have been so overwhelming and taxing. C101 is a much needed tool for anyone touched by cancer.

Thomas M.Widower

I was very concerned about being organized, where to get answers, etc. The planner was a lifesaver; it has certainly made this experience much easier. I am not the patient but we live together. I have the total responsibility for his care, Dr. appointments, and answers for his concerns. Thank you very much for the packet and the much needed help it has given me.

Dodie F.CaregiverPerrin, TX