Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Did you know?

Cervical cancer is the easiest female cancer to prevent, with regular screening tests and follow-ups. It is also highly curable if detected and treated early.

Women over the age of 30 have the highest risk of developing cervical cancer.

The easiest way to help prevent cervical cancer is to get the HPV vaccine.

In the United States, Hispanic women are at greatest risk of developing cervical cancer, while American Indians and Alaskan natives have the lowest risk.

American women have a 0.68% chance of developing cervical cancer at some point in their lives.

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Foundation for Women’s Cancer
230 W. Monroe Suite 2528
Chicago, IL 60606

National Cervical Cancer Coalition
PO Box 13827
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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