C101 Organization & Overview

Take Control. Stay Informed. Get Organized.

Our Mission

To empower, inform and engage patients and their caregivers to take control over their diagnoses, navigate the cancer journey, and partner with their healthcare team to make informed decisions.

To fulfill its mission, C101 provides a roadmap towards wellness:

  • Meets the cancer patient on the front line and turns a chaotic experience into a calm and organized plan of attack
  • Provides tools and resources patients and caregivers need to manage their chronic condition in partnership with their healthcare team
  • Helps anyone affected by cancer including the newly diagnosed, those with a recurrence, metastatic disease, survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals
  • Reaches all demographics, including the under-served population

The Evolution of CANCER101

C101 Evolution

CANCER101 (C101) was founded in 2002 by Monica Knoll, whose experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 inspired her to help others.

Unfortunately, Monica Knoll lost her battle to ovarian cancer in June 2011, but through her supportive staff, strategic partners, volunteers and board of directors, her legacy and vision live on through CANCER101.

Remembering Monica C101’s Fearless Leader

In 2005, we distributed 150 Breast Cancer Planners in NYC only. In 2010, we expanded to ALL CANCERS and from there we have steadily expanded our reach to over 80,000 Planners annually.

Today, our tools are distributed in 600 participating National Cancer Institute and Association of Community Cancer Centers, as well as thousands of community oncology practices. We also distribute our resources directly to patients and caregivers.

Our distribution spans across all 50 states and Canada. We have also received requests from over 40 countries and global distribution is a future goal.

In 2012, CANCER101 rang The Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange to commemorate 10 years.

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Our Objectives


To provide navigation tools to patients and caregivers, which allow them to make informed medical decisions and create a treatment and maintenance plan in partnership with their healthcare team.


To develop a patient engagement platform that helps reduce the healthcare provider: patient communication gap and empowers patients to take an active stance in their healthcare.


To engage patients through toolkits that arm them with the opportunity to become part of healthcare team and better manage their disease effectively: A PRESCRIPTION TO LEARN.


To promote collaborative decision-making which provides a shared responsibility between patients, caregivers & healthcare team to co-develop a treatment pathway based on the understanding of risks/benefits to achieve an optimal health outcome.


To provide a comprehensive guide for patients to handle non-medical issues to help improve quality of life.


To keep patients focused on the tasks associated with a cancer diagnosis, medical history and symptom tracking, adherence to medication, directions and advice as prescribed by the healthcare team.


To tailor our resources to meet the needs of varied patient demographics and preferences.


To help patients track and manage bills and communications with their insurance companies, doctors and nurses.


To educate the community about early detection and prevention and the power of being proactive.